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I believe in God, the goodness of most people and the power of the written word.

I've written, but not published 5 - yes, FIVE, crappy novels which as a kindness, I have never sent to a publisher. I am learning to write and I enjoy reading good books and writing. 

I've published a few articles and a newspaper story. I read every day. I read good books by great authors. If I don't like a book, I stop reading it. Life is too short.

Pinellas Cunty, Fl writing news. Also includes conferences and seminars that I recommend. 

 I’m a freelance writer based in Tarpon Springs, FL.

My writing

I write fiction. I'm well-versed in copywriting for print.

Favorite Books

The world is not all "About Me"

Mlarylou Hess

Everything by James W. Hall, John Dufresne, Lynne Barrett, Maeve Binchy, Linda K. Rodante, any many more talented authors. 

New finds:

Richard Russo (Bridge of Sighs)

Dee Henderson 

Marylou I. Hess


Professional Life

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