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Mlou's Enews

Before the turn of the millennium, Mlou's Enews began as a monthly newsletter for Pinellas County, Florida writers. It includes items of interest, book news, conferences and seminars, and writing tips.  

July 2016 Edition

Read any brilliant, inspiring, funny, thought-provoking great books lately? I have. More later. If you want to email me ( or facebook me about a fabulous book I'll consider sharing it with all my readers. 

Pinellas County Writing Groups

St. Petersburg Writing Club (Pinellas County's oldest group)
     meets second and third Thursday of the month. 

PINAWOR changed its name to Pinellas Writers. They continue to meet on Saturday mornings at the Largo Community Center at 400 Keene Road from 9:30 am.m to noon. Annual dues $50.00. According to their April 2016 newsletter: Lee Summerall –– President. Richard Erlanger – Vice-president. Anne Younger – Secretary. Judy Hunt – Treasurer. Carol Perry, and Lindy Currin – Directors.   

Photo Susan Adger, Frank C. Strunk PINAWOR Picnic 2014

FWA - ST Pete meets monthly at the St Petersburg Main library on 9th Ave N. 

Critique only groups open to new members: 

       After the First Draft meets third Tuesday of the month at Panera Bread in Tarpon Springs, across Tarpon Ave from Walmart.

     Tarpon Springs Writers Group 1 meets every Wednesday 10:00 - noon at the Tarpons Springs Library on Lemon Street. Author David Edmonds is Group Leader.

     Tarpon Springs Writers Group 2 meets every Friday 10:00 noon at the Tarpon Springs Library on Lemon Street. 



Book Events:

Lynne Barrett's book on writing for literary magazines titled, What Editors Want, is available for pre-order. 
Here is the link: 
I will be dragging Marvin to the mailbox daily until it arrives. It's always a blessing when a famous author is able to price their books of writing secrets a little lower. But the wit and wisdom of Lynne Barrett would be a steal at 5 times this price. :)

From the Rain Chain Press website:

In What Editors Want: A Must-Read for Writers Submitting to Literary Magazines, writer and editor Lynne Barrett demystifies an often-daunting process. This step-by-step handbook updates and expands on Barrett’s essay, which went viral when it first appeared and has been widely recommended by journals, writing programs, and writers’ organizations. From understanding editors’ expectations, to researching and evaluating potential markets, handling cover letters, rejections, and acceptances, and keeping good records,What Editors Want guides the writer through the world of publishing today.

When originally published as an essay in in The Review Review, What Editors Want "went viral," and was republished in Glimmer Train. As editor Becky Tuch reported in their weekly newsletter: "Over at The Review Review, things have been more than a little insane. For one thing, Lynne Barrett's article 'What Editors Want' spread around the globe and back, earning us coverage in the L.A. Times and The New Yorker. Yeah, we were pretty excited."

About Lynne Barrett

    Lynne Barrett’s most recent story collection, Magpies (Carnegie Mellon University Press), received the fiction gold medal in the Florida Book Awards. She edited Tigertail: Florida Flash and co-edited Birth: A Literary Companion. Her work can be found in Necessary Fiction, Fort Lauderdale Magazine, The Southern Women’s Review, Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine, Trouble in the Heartland, One Year to a Writing Life, and many other anthologies and magazines. She is founding editor of Gulf Stream Magazine and currently edits The Florida Book Review and teaches in the MFA program at Florida International University.

I need to add how incomplete this "About" is.

Lynne Barrett has spent the past decades teaching talented writers to be great authors at FIU. She has helped many people who, like me, were unable to put two words together and make sense, to improve our communication skills through her seminars and workshops at conferences all over (even outside the U.S.). Lynne will be remembered for her brilliantly creative, often quirky, and humorous stories, but especially for her generosity of spirit in helping so many writers throughout the years. 

Author E. Rose Sabin invites you to: 
Nathan Van Coop's Book Launch Party
The Day After Never
Tuesday, July 12, 2016   1 p.m.  (online)
Here’s your party invite!